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Portraits of Jeannine
Jeannine Guillou
Jeannine Guillou was the first companion of the French painter Nicolas de Staël, having met him in Marrakesh in 1937. “Portraits of Jeannine” portrays the life and work of a passionate, independent woman and a painter in her own right.
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Tomorrow is cancelled
Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil
Set against a futuristic backdrop to the sound of a tuba, a formal interview with visual artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil turns into a labyrinthine wander through his creative thought process.
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Seule la nuit
Anaïs Boudot
Photographer Anaïs Boudot collects images while out on a solitary nocturnal stroll, resonating with what she sees.
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The Healing Gaze
Mehdi Meddaci
What does an artist in residence do? He searches, explores his surroundings and the materials at his disposal, and puts his previous artworks into perspective to produce new ones.
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