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The scale of things
Patrick Tosani
What is making a photograph? Patrick Tosani, a major photographic artist, offers us the opportunity to discover the lengthy process of the studio, where it takes experimentation and assertive choices to create a work of art.
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In the head of Guy Limone
Guy Limone
Guy Limone is a painter who does not paint pictures. He places colour at the centre of his work and uses his collections of photographs and images to make up his palette.
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Border dancer
Marc Lathuillière
A former reporter with a background in political and social sciences, Marc Lathuillière has developed a body of work that takes us to the heart of societies and the prolific nature of contemporary images.
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Hello Marie
Marie Morel
Meeting Marie Morel and her works constitutes a saga, a voyage of discovery into her vibrant inner world, as intriguing as it is captivating.
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Degree zero
Enzo Mianes
In the heart of a forest, Enzo Mianes draws inspiration from heterogeneous materials which he collects to serve his archaeological vision of emotions.Somewhere between abandonment and temporal acceleration, he sets out to restore life to humans and to things by turning his discoveries into works of art.
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