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Sainte-Anne d’Avignon, 2020

Torn away

Jean-Michel Pancin

Inside the abandoned and sinister compound of Sainte-Anne prison in Avignon, the artist Jean-Michel Pancin, like an archaeologist, uncovers and salvages a fresco painted by former inmates.

This feat against oblivion, carried out with his team, recaptures part of the story of these men and highlights the redeeming power of creation.

The Artist
Jean-Michel Pancin was born in 1971 in Avignon, in the department of Vaucluse. A visual artist, he lives and works between Avignon and Pantin. He collaborates with the galleries Analix Forever in Geneva and Odile Ouizeman in Paris.

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Director and cinematographer
Olivier Charpin

Isabelle Martin

Music composer
Delphine Malausséna

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