AM Art Films
Paris, 2019

The (sentimental) relashionship of forms

Raphaël Zarka

The work of Raphaël Zarka draws on his experience of skateboarding in the city.

His in-depth research on the flow of the world's forms make up the parts of a meticulously pieced-together jigsaw. Wandering the pathways of geometry, he develops what he calls documentary sculpture, and makes it exist.

The Artist
Raphaël Zarka was born in 1977 in Montpellier. A sculptor, photographer, designer, and videographer, he lives and works in Paris.

He is represented by the Michel Rein gallery in Paris.

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Stefan Cornic

Emmanuel Abdessadok

Original music
Jason Glasser et Jérôme Lorichon


International Festival of Film on Art - Montréal, Canada 2020
Short Film Selection
AM Art Films