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Mittainville, 2015

On the way

Thierry Dagorn

In the heat of summer, immersed in the heart of the forest, Thierry Dagorn invites us to understand the link between the artist's eye and hand.Mastering his gesture, he pays tribute to nature in his graceful drawings, revealing the sap of life in his series of delicate and powerful paintings.

Step by Step, the footprint

Thierry Dagorn is an artist whose work reveals itself in the process. Endurance is the fifth season of this painter whose only shelter is the shade the trees place on his shoulders. This interpreter of light who welcomes the whims of time, free, like a mountain stream, knows he’ll have found his treasure when the ice crystals come to life on the frozen surface of his skin.
Alone in the heart of the forest, his white canvas appears like a window in an open-air workshop. On the glass, in Indian ink, he traces the genesis of his landscape. At the first cloud, coloured pigments accompany the trickling of the drops on the canvas. After the shower, nature regains its transparency. In the sap of colours where the brush takes over again, the landscape has slipped into the reality of the canvas.
A sylvan painter who paints the woodland bark in bright colours, grazed by Stanislav Valade’s eye with the fluttering of an eyelash so imperceptible that it does not divert the course of the drops. He films the shamanic trance of the painter at the crossroads between fury and meditation. Out of the incandescent river of colours burst fragments of landscape, tuned to the pulsations of a heart.
In the clarity of a white season, the man with brushes of rain awakens from his dream... Ours is just beginning.

Viviane Montagnon, writer
Saint Germain du Bois - January 2018

Viviane Montagnon was born in Lyon and lives in Bresse. She is a writer, an author of songs and theatre, an actor, and a singer. One of her latest works Le Panier de Lucette (Lucette’s Basket) was published in 2014 by Editions Aréopage.

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The Artist
Thierry Dagorn was born in 1964 in Concarneau.
He is a plastic artist. He lives and works in Paris and in Britanny.

Director and cinematographer
Stanislav Valade

Nicolas Blondel

Music composer
Chris Adamski & Benjamin Mathevet

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