AM Art Films
Brest, 2021

Invisible Landscapes

Nicolas Floc'h

Deeply rooted in the history of landscape photography, his work immerses the viewer in a lush, little-known world, highlighting the diversity of the endangered underwater environment.

The Artist
Nicolas Floc'h was born in 1970 in Rennes. He is a visual artist and is represented by the Florent Maubert gallery in Paris, where he lives and works.


Director and photographer
Stefan Cornic

Underwater images
Valentin Thibault

Gérald Siegl

Music composer
Marc Parazon


Festival Selection
FAFF 2022, Venice, Los Angeles (USA)
Fine Art Film Festival

Tulum World Environment Film Festival 2022, Tulum (Mexique)

MIFAC 2022, Le Mans (France)
Marché International des Films sur les Artistes Contemporains 
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