AM Art Films
Sofia, 2021

Half life

Stefan Nikolaev

In Sofia, in the shadow of a brutalist structure, Stefan Nikolaev's "Half-Life" takes shape in the hands of craftsmen, an ironworker and a glassblower.

Stefan Nikolaev's works, the fruit of what he calls his own voluntary dislocation, revisit icons of our contemporary society, leaving a haze of "cool nostalgia" in their wake.

The Artist
Stefan Nikolaev was born in 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He divides his time between Paris and Sofia. He is a visual artist and sculptor and is represented by the Michel Rein Gallery, Paris and Brussels.
Director and cinematographer
Stanislav Valade

Nicolas Blondel

Music composer
Chris Adamski and Benjamin Mathevet


Festival Selection
MOFA 2022, Sofia (Bulgarie)

FAFF 2022, Venice, Los Angeles (USA)
Fine Art Film Festival

MIFAC 2022, Le Mans (France)
Marché International des Films sur les Artistes Contemporains
AM Art Films