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Beyong visible

Mustapha Azeroual

Trees, a forest, a lake...The photographer Mustapha Azeroual captures what the eye cannot see, the ‘sensible’. In his studio, as a sculptor or a painter would, he uses old materials to produce works that offer new horizons to the viewer.

"Beyond Visible" is the name chosen for this film by its director, Jean Marc Gosse, immediately establishing photographer Mustapha Azeroual’s field of artistic investigation. If the action of light and the sun forms the basis of what we can see, its power of action remains invisible. The artist juxtaposes this physical source with the possibilities of the photographic medium by turning its direct action on matter into works of art. With his "Monads" series, objects in phosphorescent colours appear under the impact of light, revealed by quick flashes on emulsioned paper. The pigments of colour become the sensors, the revelators of the luminous forces present. As abstract as it seems, the process deployed by Azeroual actually gives shape to the light that surrounds us. By filtering it, by absorbing it on a photosensitive surface, he conjures up an entire spectrum of colours that exceeds the visible domain (and which cannot be synthesized by the dazzled eye alone). It is these experiments conducted by the artist, to the point of blindness, that Jean Marc Gosse calls to mind by using infra-red imagery for his film. The saturation that punctuates the soundtrack also does its bit to express the transgression of sensory limits, the inaudible echoing the invisible.

Marguerite Pilven

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The Artist
Mustapha Azeroual was born in 1979 in Tours (37). A photographer, he lives and works in Paris and Casablanca. He is represented by the Binôme gallery, Paris.

Jean-Marc Gosse

Eric Genillier

Isabelle Pires

Music composer
Jérôme Vassereau

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