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Paris, 2019

Stone Breaker

Goodbye Goni

"Stonebreaker" is a dark, languorous song, a meander fed by a man's introspections, which gradually gains in intensity.



It is along the lines of these very elements that the video's aesthetic was developed. Black and mysterious, it portrays a tormented man whose near-naked body is literally branded with his thoughts.

As the groove picks up, a woman appears, her body similarly marked by her lament, and tries to break his inertia. But like one thought trying to chase another away, she fails in the face of visibly unshakeable melancholy.
"Stonebreaker" was written by Marc Chaillet, Goodbye Goni's lead singer, in Courtmacsherry, a small coastal village where he has a house and a great source of inspiration for the band.

The Irish are in the habit of giving names to places where the forces of energy have a strong presence. The "Seven Heads" cited in the text is the name given to the seven points that jut out into the Celtic Sea, just a stone's throw from the village. Other tracks of the forthcoming album were imagined there, borrowed from Irish folklore and mysticism.

The Director

Cyril Dosnon has lived and worked in Paris for just over 12 years. He studied applied arts at Olivier de Serres, then at the Estienne school, before joining the advertising agency BETC. He quickly became freelance to focus on graphic design: "I've always had an affinity for calligraphy, but unlike an illustrator, with each project I try to create a graphic universe specific to the subject being explored. This might be in the interests of visual identity, illustration and, more generally, artistic direction".

The Group

Goodbye Goni, or in other words, farewell genesis, plunges us into our private confrontations with a powerful, feverish sound tinged with 70's rock.

After being involved in a number of shared musical projects, these three childhood friends created Goodbye Goni while on tour in Ireland in 2018.

With each of them moving through different musical spheres, their encounter and their love of rock gave rise to this trio, made up of Marc Chaillet (songwriting, guitar), Enzo Derlon (bass and keyboards) and Félix Bourgeois (drums).

The album would emerge from two diametrically opposed encounters between the promising young sound engineer Perceval Carré (Isaac Delusion, l'Impératrice) and the monumental Kenneth Ploquin (Alain Bashung, -M-).

The music video

The group asked Cyril Dosnon, a very talented graphic designer specialised in lettering, to produce their video. The basic idea was to come up with a very "graphic" visual ballad. The shooting took place at the Maison Rouge in Bastille, a big contemporary art gallery which was closing at the time, giving them the space they needed as everything was empty. What interested the group for this project was to build bridges between their music and other means of expression: a "plastic" project with painting, body-painting, calligraphy, and contemporary dance via the encounter with Alexane Albert (the dancer who worked with us). The team of the photography director, Eric Genillier, rose to the technical challenge of including scenes in the video shot in black light.

The album Cosmogony

Between the effervescence of the Paris studios, with the notable help of Antonin Boisadan (Alice et moi, Dani Terreur) and the waves of Saint-Jean de Luz in the mythical QuikSilver studio, ten tracks would be produced and eight selected to make up this first opus, navigating between soaring strolls, caustic riffs and psychedelic trance.

Their first video "Mama Blues", a hallucinatory wander through the capital's Indian neighbourhoods, was released in November 2019. Their childhood friend, the photographer and director Clément Vayssières (Clara Luciani, La Femme) was behind the camera.

In parallel, they made the video for the song "Stonebreaker" with the graphic designer Cyril Dosnon (logo for the Paris Philharmonic) and with the support of AM Art Films, a producer of short films directly linked to contemporary art. This visual ballad, filmed inside the former walls of La Maison Rouge, stages a poetic, amorous dance on naked bodies on which the song lyrics appear in fluorescent body-painted calligraphy. "Stonebreaker" would be released on 15 January 2020 and would also appear on their album (scheduled for 26 February 2020).

Concerned about anchoring their music in time, conscious of the proliferation of existing projects, Goodbye Goni is a dynamic, creative group open to initiatives, nurtured by the friendships created around them.

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Technical data

Format Music video for the track " Stone Breaker", from the album "Cosmogony"
Cyril Dosnon
Goodbye Goni
Guitar / Song  : Marc Chaillet
Bass / Choir : Enzo Derlon
Batterie / Choir : Félix Bourgeois

Alexane Albert
Graphic Designer
Cyril Dosnon
Dino Falduto

Eric Genillier
Gwen Ghelid
AM Art Films
Bouquetin Record

Duration 03:51
AM Art Films