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An artist and a film director are given free rein to produce a film in which human alchemy achieves full expression.

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Paris, 2021
The loneliness of the double bass player...
Noël Balen
Montmajour, 2020
Eva Jospin
Paris, 2020
Spectro Chroma
Laure Tiberghien
Sainte-Anne d’Avignon, 2020
Torn away
Jean-Michel Pancin
Plated story
Joël Ducorroy
Beyong the visible
Mustapha Azeroual
Nantes, 2020
Who are you Pierrick Sorin ?
Pierrick Sorin
Paris, 2019
Lisa Sartorio
Les Hauts-de-France, 2019
The thin line between success and failure
La Fratrie
Paris, 2019
The (sentimental) relashionship of forms
Raphaël Zarka
Voiron, 2019
Art and matter
Eric Faure
What remains
Raphaëlle Peria
Bagnolet and Campagne, 2019
Dreamed reality
Vincent Olinet
Lisbon, 2018
Stéphane Mulliez
Paris, 2018
Paris, 2018
The alchemist
Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand
Paris, 2018
Body and soul
Jean-Luc Verna
© Feux - Téo Betin - Am Art Films - 2018
Somewhere, 2018
Téo Bétin
© Un homme... Profession libérale, Wang Du - Am Art Films - 2018
Paris, 2018
A man...Liberal profession
Wang Du
The Nemesis
Mittainville, 2017
The Nemesis
Loïc Pantaly
Toulouse, 2018
The myths of Agathe
Agathe Pitié
Paris, 2017
Planet Junk
Philippe Mayaux
© Alain Séchas, AM Art Films 2017
Paris, 2017
Painting for the day
Alain Séchas
©Between Waves, Neil Lang - Am Art Films - 2017
Paris, Deauville, Lille, Corse, 2017
Between Waves
Neil Lang
©Thomas de Pourquery - AM Art Films, 2017
Paris, 2017
Plays for Us
Thomas de Pourquery
Paris, 2017
Morgane Tschiember
© Un point une virgule une cata - Malachi Farrell - Am Art 2017
Malakoff, 2017
Period, coma, disaster !
Malachi Farrell
Mégève, 2016
Outside the frame
Constance Nouvel
Paris, 2016
Every man is an island
Thierry Fontaine
Mittainville, 2015
On the way
Thierry Dagorn
Deauville, 2016
The viewer
Philippe Ramette
Megève, 2016
Edouard Wolton
Bages, 2014
Between Earth and sky
Corinne Mercadier
Megève, 2015
Life creativity
Philippe Durand
Paris, 2015
Eric Michel
Paris, 2015
Spirit of Dunois Street
Franck Scurti
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