AM Art Films
Paris, Ecole des Amandiers, 2016

Dans l'Horizon y a Quoi?

Corinne Mercadier

At the École des Amandiers in Paris, the film “Entre Terre et Ciel”, dedicated to Corinne Mercadier and directed by Sandra Städeli, is shown to students in a primary class.

The children question the photographer with pertinence and poetically comment the film.

The Artist
Corinne Mercadier was born in 1955.
She is a photographer and lives and works in Paris.

She is represented by the Filles du Calvaire gallery.

 « Entre Terre et Ciel » was produced by Am Art Films for the collection « Tandem » in 2015.

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"Entre Terre et Ciel"

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Pascale Diez

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Thomas Spicq

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